Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keith Current TV Dismisses Olbermann

For all his strengths, Olbermann's real Super Power is that of Getting In His Own Way. It is one thing to rightly admire the courage of Edward R.Murrow , who fought with CBS in getting his coverage of the Red baiting senator on the air, but it's another to mimic the events in Murrow's life. Olbermann seems to thrive on conflicts with management. Neither MSNBC nor CurrentTV, from what I gather, interfered with what Olbermann wanted to cover or discuss on Countdown. From appearances, both channels allowed the host a wide, wide berth. Olbermann, though, turns minor dispute into an excuse for scorched earth reaction; no one, absolutely no one , neither management nor coworkers nor immediate, can remain around an ego this large and this fragile. I admire Olbermann tremendously and credit him with being the first on Cable TV to return fire on the Right Wing Noise Machine, but his usefulness in that forum, it seems, is over with.

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