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Saturday, March 13, 2021


Well, Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman for her composition "The Hill We Climb", she is preparing a collection of her writing for publication with a major publisher with a tour to follow, she's garnered a deal to work as a fashion model. How is she as a poet? Honestly, it is at least as good as the best work that comes out of an advanced poetry writing class. It would be a solid B if the grading criteria were based solely on my admittedly dreadful preferences when it comes to poets. It's okay, merely okay, held back by it's many flights of high and hopeful rhetoric that start to chafe as the piece progresses to the end. Yes, it sounds like a graduation speech given by the president of the High School Creative Writing Club. 

 On another matter entirely, there are some aged experimentalists who have the idea that the avant gard they grew on and within is where History of all manner ought to have ended. In the mean time, events and tastes as anyone can claim to understand them have evolved , or at least moved on, if in circles, and there remains the idea of the Public Poet and The Poem of the Moment.

Social constructions , perhaps, but people seem to need them and believe in them and find some reason to make the make coffee in the morning because of them along with dozen of other reassuring albeit banal comforts. "The Hill We Climb" is a Poem of the Moment, not to my liking entirely, and Gorman is a Public Poet by any definition you care to give the term. I suspect she will transcend the Poet appellation and evolve into a (C.Wright) Mills-ian power player in the guise of Pure Celebrity, an influencer. Or maybe she'll become a decent writer of finely considered prose. We'll see, if time allows.