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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sea Gods

 It's been an occasional pleasure of mine to collaborate with a visual artists, their vision, my poems interpreting that vision. An old friend, Jill Moon, created this sculpture for the city of Ocean Beach, California (with able assist from Matty Welch). This poem I devised when I viewed while in OB to absorb some good old fashioned community  counter culture vibes is my perhaps sad attempt to tell a tale that has less to do with Jill's sculpture than whats' been rattling around my empty can of an imagination. In any event, that piece inspired this piece. I hope you enjoy both.

The same old gods guard
the parking lot by the sea,

winds make the clouds over the
horizon darken, the ocean seems to boil,

ships no longer need sails or sextants
to make their way around the globe,

it is the day and night of the satellite,
reading the ruins of the earths hard face,

tankers full of oil, the promise of
brown skies and asthma,  inch toward land,

sea gods with tri-colored scepters rising from
the foaming surf to part the waters,

refineries on the coast line hum with  the making
of canned fury, a promise of  more jobs in

valleys choked with brown air, full of cars
going to that parking lot by the sea,

to visit the sea gods in crowns and fins
and draped in a kelp that carries a memory

of  fish that swim elsewhere now, or not at all.