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Monday, November 14, 2011

linda's donuts

    • Barry Alfonso This is the home of the WARM HAND-OFF...
      November 2 at 5:51am · 

    • Ted Burke There's a HOT ONE with name on on it waiting for you to rest your dogs inside
      November 2 at 6:36pm · 

    • Barry Alfonso Are those radioactive cooties lighting up the pink sprinkles on your cruller?
      November 3 at 7:24am · 

    • Ted Burke Those are the donuts with the Magic San Onofre Glow Sparkles.
      November 3 at 7:27am · 

    • Barry Alfonso One bite and Ed Clark's forehead will grow another three inches!
      November 3 at 7:29am · 

    • Ted Burke They are going to use those donuts to make their new sign
      November 3 at 7:30am · 

    • Barry Alfonso Japanese donuts line the runways of Lindberg Field and can be seen from Mt. Laguna.
      November 3 at 7:33am · 

    • Ted Burke Linda is a massive thirteen tentacle mutation that lives inside the lean to in the alley
      November 3 at 7:38am · 

    • Barry Alfonso True fact: prior to the Jack in the Box restaurant going up at the corner of Garnet and Lamont, there was a burger stand that had a big sign proclaiming 'HOME OF THE TEXAS MONSTER." I guess there have been a host of fetid, horror shambling about this region for eons...
      November 3 at 7:45am ·