Saturday, August 28, 2010

Power Lunch

Lets meet each other
between the pauses
and stammers of our speech,

reach across a stable table
we've yet to spill drinks upon,

all these years we've been
walking in and out of
each other's dreams
and we still can't see
the moon nor the sun
we we most need them,

we can't argue with a map,
we cannot shake a finger at a class ring,
we shouldn't discuss the soup we cannot reheat,

I will put down my phone
and walk five hundred miles

If you lay down your laptop
and sing like you used to, 
 it will a bag lunch over the expressway,
soda and pocket pitas on  a pedestrian bridge
enclosed in steel netting,
old times and short laughs
watching cars drive to smoke stacks around the bend.

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