Saturday, March 11, 2017

14 hidden jokes and cryptic metaphors in The Big Lebowski - YouTube

14 hidden jokes and cryptic metaphors in The Big Lebowski - YouTube:

'via Blog this' I'm not sure about all the interpretations offered, BUT how many films can even invite this level of interest? I've watched Lebowski at least six times, and i always pick up something new (and usually very funny). Some of the speculation seem a little far afield (and I can imagine how much further it goes in the full-hour video the narrator advises us to watch), but the point is that all this stuff merits discussion.  I've seen this a number of times all the way through--4?5?-- and there is always something else that catches my attention. A detail, dialogue, character traits and ticks, an edit, lighting, the fluid naturalness of the performances. John Goodman says that many fans think that the cast is inspiredly adlibbing through the picture, and informs them that no, ad libbing is something that does not happen in a Coen Brothers movie. The performances were the result of an inspired script ,a great cast and, according to Goodman, three weeks of rehearsal before shooting began

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