Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sound, fury, cliché! Lazy pundits “double down” on “game-changing” “narratives” -

Sound, fury, cliché! Lazy pundits “double down” on “game-changing” “narratives” -

'Thomas Frank, writing in Salon, does a neat job of collecting and arguing the uselessness of cliches and other forms of verbal filler when it comes to the discussion under way on cable tv's political talk shows. 

I remember a night watching the old Keith Olbermann show on MSNBC where I heard he, author Richard Wolf and Washington Post columnist Gene Washington have a wonderful time saying "double down" to one another , in rapid succession. Conversations, even ones stressed by tv segment time constraints, are based on rhythm and cogent phrasing to be understood at first listen; the relentless repetition of the odious "double down" rendered the topic of the discussion all but incoherent to my ears, not an easy thing to do since I am someone who listens to what others are saying. 

Gone was the showy outrage over whatever the latest GOP happened to be at the time; what replaced it was a verbal circle jerk that sounded like it involved the odious Kentucky Chicken offering, also named the Double Down. The sandwich was two thick,greasy chicken breasts and lots and lots and lots of cheese, bacon and assorted other bringers of cardiac complication. The panel on Olbermann's show sounded like they were slipping into a Food Coma, murmuring for more Double Downs before the Lights Went Out.

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  1. Alfred North Zitfarm7:28 AM PST

    Game-Changing gruel for a choked-chicken ranch of doubled-down dumbness, if you will, said The Fucker.


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