Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dating in the '90s

Dating is one of our interaction rituals where we test our theories of what will happen to us in circumstances that  have yet to occur. Getting older is the tempered good fortune of realizing how funny your initial notions were in the first place. As usual, we are the last ones to get the joke.-tb


Little slivers under the nails
 are what I thought about last night,
wood splints and the corroded pinch
of tongue tip to battery acid
when there was no other way
to find out what something felt or tasted like.

I was throwing a pass
 as clumsy as downs
directing traffic.

I complimented
 her on the way
the lights
of the ATM blended
with the blonde depth
of her avalanche of mane.
She was finished
 pressing buttons
 for the night.
She took her cash, transaction receipt
 and card and tucked them all
into her wallet.

 “Ready?” she asked.
 My hands searched
the bottoms of my pockets
 which now weren’t deep enough.
 I told her
 that I was tired and
was going home to sleep
unless she wanted
 to come over and watch TV,”
or “something.”

She said thanks,
 but after months of
 trying to get tickets,
 tonight was a matter
of uncompromised agendas.
But no where as pristine
as the terms of
the gut feeling that
 addresses me in first person
 and babbles headlong into a perfect night
for a long
drink of water
to go with
the bitter pills that were
found  near evening’s end,


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