Friday, November 4, 2011


Herman Cain is dangerous because he does not seem to realize how gargantuan a moron he actually is. He has the ability to contradict himself and issue forth such a persistent stream of nonsequitors and still maintain a straight face. Indeed, he seems to not have any other expressions save for that smirk that seems to just a centimeter or two from blossoming into a grease-dripping leer. Odd that it is the GOP that has become the party of Practicing Surrealist; between the fumings, rantings, jeremiads and proposals for the nation that are severely divorced from any kind of vetted reality you and I can speak to , we are witness to what seems a gaggle of folks who've made themselves drunk with fear and resentment who have cures that can only kill the patient. The saddest truth of it all is not that perhaps they are not aware of how insane they are, but they just do not give a FLAT FUCK.


  1. Al Coupe Jr.4:25 PM PDT

    Actually, the fervent, fetid core of the GOP wears the fact that you state in your final sentence as a badge of honor: the fuck is flat, fulsome and comprehensive. Our nation has become a Justice League of America comic book where half of the population is living on Earth One and the other on Earth Two. Remember when Jack Kemp used to babble about "Free Enterprise Zones," as if such places could liberate humanity could suspend the normal laws of existence? Now strutting hucksters like Cain chant their doctrines of "prosperity" as cabalistic spells that will make everyone rich, force the concrete sidewalks to ooze milk and honey and create a government-free society run on the benign smiles of the ultra-uber-wealthy. Wouldn't you like a guy like THAT to give you the low-down hairy eyeball?

  2. Free Enterprise Zones , as I understand them, are good ideas in theory, as they encourage businesses to start up in problem urban areas , create jobs and services for under in under served communities, with the aid of state and federal programs. The problem, of course, is that this is in truth code for "do nothing" , allowing cities to decay further, more people to suffer, and allowing top dog corporations to increase their share of the pie they fucked up. Phantom Zone is more like it, as they designated areas I have walked through over the years look like ghost towns; you get the feeling that nothing grows there and nothing ever will again.

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM PDT

    Hey, while we’re at it, have you noticed how much Mitt Romney resembles Bob Hope in his post-WWII cinematic days? (I’m thinking The Lemon-Drop Kid through Cancel My Reservation.) He has that same jittery fast-talking con-man demeanor, the same queasy grin and hard-gulping scamster palaver, as if he were trying to talk his way out of a jam with a customs officer or explain how Jill St. John’s panties got in his hotel room. Listen for the same rolling mix of half-chuckles, fractured explanations, semi-denials and desperate jokes that Hope traded in when Mitt has to contort himself yet again on some policy question. Listen when he goes “heh-heh” between his retractions. There’s no cool Der Bingle on this Road to the White House. That’s for the memories, Mitt.


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