Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Billy Collins Reflects Rod Serling

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  1. Anonymous6:36 PM PDT

    Funny how a post so much about one thing will teach you something about something else. I had no idea that Rod Serling was anything but the face of the Twilight Zone, but I just looked it up and he was a screenwriter and main source of ideas as well. Wow. And I love that show!

    Excellent review, though. I eat this stuff up.

  2. Serling is an old favorite of mine, as you read, and I admire the way his sort of fantasy still views beautifully all these decades later. But he is of his time, though, and someone like Collins , if he were truly influenced by Serling , would have to take his premise further to the edge. I like the clarity of Collins' poetry at times, but there still other moments where he's merely laying a familiar riff on you. This is a familiar riff.


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