Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why are Republicans So Mean?

Writer Paul Levinson blogs at Open Salon about why members of the GOP are so mean spirited, an issue that sent me off on a rant, a toot, an unfair diatribe. Think what you will, but Democrats have been demonized since both terms of the Clinton Administration , thanks to the right-leaning echo chamber of talk radio and the seemingly endless liberal-bashing books coming out from Regnary Press; one may cite their own examples. Fair or not, here's my two cents on Paul's topic; by tomorrow I suspect I'll be something like sane again and will approach my work, my bills and my taxes with a level concentration. Level, but not flat line.

There's a latent worship of power , stamina and absurdly skewed masculinity , and the party of Lincoln, so called, more often than not likes to think of themselves as rugged sorts for whom any helping hand from a state agency is sure weakness, moral slack and despicable. Though a good many of them will scorch the earth in their creationist ways and continue to demonize Evolution, the irony rests in the facts that there’s a strong, rancid tendency toward Social Darwinism in their thinking. It’s not that one should do the Christian thing and be kind to one another, cloth and feed the poor, and in general err on the side of decency, but rather that the strong need to subjugate the poor and powerless and in turn carve up the earth’s resources . Anyone who hasn’t power or money or status is , by default, a wretch who cannot survive the rigors of living in the real world; they and society would be better off if they died off, disappeared , vanished into the thin, fetid air that surrounds their corporate towers. I can’t say that all Republicans are bastards—I have anecdotal evidence that a few of them have principles not linked to serving the already rich and powerful—but I’m never shocked when ever the Republicans come into power and proceed to slash funding for helpful federal programs with ease and without a pause in their stride. It’s a determinist imperative, perhaps, a hard wiring of specific genes that cannot be untwined; Republicans cannot help but be hard-throbbing assholes.


  1. You have nothing to apologize for, Ted - your analysis is astute.

  2. Hi Ted,

    Saw your response to my post over at "World Class Poetry".

    Just to clarify: I *do* prefer books to on-line literature, but that's not the debate as characterized by Allen: who "asks if serious literature can be read online or if it should be relegated to print books"

    Whether it "can" or "should" be? - I could care less. People can and should read serious literature under water and wearing scuba gear for all I care.

    As to your post: Have you ever read George Lakoff? Your description of Republican/Conservative principle neatly echoes Lakoff's paradigm of the "strict father family" and the "nurturant parent family".

    I agree with him and I agree with you.

    I you haven't read Lakoff, I think you might find him a good read

    Also, there was a great article by Drew Westen (over at Huffington Post) discussing Obama's Bi-Partisan efforts. You might find that interesting too.

  3. Everything certainly seems to be going your way in liberal la-la land. The Keynesian Kenyan is set to turn this country into a socialist utopia. Pretty soon you and Soros and 3 horses a cat a fish and a ficus tree can get married in a gay, zoological and plant group marriage cause that will be legal if KK keeps getting his way all the time. Also all the wise elderly folks who mostly vote Republican will be wiped out due to Obamacare, this means the Dems will have an absolute vicegrip on power held by braindead indoctrinated college HIPPIES who don't yet need medical attention. There will be no more army, just people who go on over and give big ol' hugs to the terrorists who behead anyone western. All is not well though cause them terrorists are eventually going to see this and take over America and the first thing they are going to go for is the HOMOSEXUALS, which is like 99% of this site. Remember, nuking the shiite out of the muzzy wuzzies not only will guarantee the steady flow of oil but also the steady flow of gerbils. All them Christian ministers will seem like paragons of tolerance if the camel jockeys ever get their way I tell you what.


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