Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"True Blood" licks up a lumpy gruel

'True Blood' or bad 'Blood'? The campy vamp show isn't what it used to be - TODAY.com:

The only thing that make me like this show again is for GOD HIMSELF to show up and bitch slap these vamps, fairies, changelings, werewolves and the like with dead, cross -eyed mackerel and so make them aware of what a, humorless,  inane gathering of jerks, liars and layabouts they are. The show has jumped the shark, but the shark leaped from the water and chomped this vapid projection of bad taste in half. The show is so tasteless that the shark spat out the chewy viscera and binged watched The Banana Splits to crowd the memory from its primeval memory.  The show was marginally interesting at the start and was genuinely funny and sexy, but now it has gotten so absurd that you wish the characters would just pop a vein and croak right there on the street before they have the chance to utter the next insipid line of tripe that passes for dialogue. I am sick of sexy vampires. 

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