Friday, August 31, 2012

Morning Eastwood

Video of Clint Eastwood's RNC speech.:

    The saddest headline of the morning is what I just saw on the front page of for a news video;

    Sometimes you imagine an iconic film maker/actor getting out of their comfort zone and attempting something edgy and avant gard , something steeped in a High Modernist aesthetic.

     Eastwood might   be further around the curve than I might have imagined. Rather than do a Beckett play, he instead morphed into a one man Beckett production, a self contained diorama of babbling alienation. This is the imagination of bad results, testimony to life replaying conversations on broken tape machines. What this had to do with what President Obama has done right or wrong is besides the point; what this reveals about politics is non existent. What this has to do with is staring too long at the intersection thinking that there is a face in the easy chair across the room that is listening to your views and inserting their own remarks,

    Is this is a man walking backwards into genius?

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      1. Mantmarble III9:59 AM PDT


        “Call me Aquarius, baby!”

        “Yeah, er, well, you’re up next after Hubert Humphrey finishes his speech…”

        “It’s the existential end of the White Negro’s night, the razor blade truth that we all have our sexual dynamos churning those sweet Christian truths to ribbons in our guts and we don’t even know it…”

        “Right, well, the delegates are waiting for you now. Are you sure you are up to wrestling the invisible Richard Nixon before a crowd of ten thousand?”


        (Mailer steps onto the stage as the Democrats cheer)

        (Turns, looks at the empty chair by the podium)

        “Now don’t make me hurt you, Dickie baby, not like you hurt those Vietnamese women and children, not the way your planes made their flesh melt…”

        (He circles the empty chair in a wrestler’s crouch, wary)

        “Ohh yeah, baby, you got your Tricky Dick moves, your double V-salute, your blue suit white man Protestant outfit stand, just like the 400 pound woman you made love to under the elephant in Miami Beach, that Republican armpit sweat running down…”

        (Mailer lunges)


        (Grabs the air in the chair, falls to the ground, writhing and grunting)

        (Cut to George McGovern interviewed by Walter Cronkite)

        “Well, yes, Norman is a fine American and a great American, he’s got his own style bless him and I’m sure he will inspire many voters to do what’s right in November…”


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