Thursday, March 18, 2010

The New Poem: Hat Rant

My hat fits like a glove
strange as that remains
even as the bus passes my door
fireworks in my pants
requested like premium saltines
crispy like insurgent solo takes
on chords we chortle together
carousing to the chorus
crowded with sheets stained
with a rain of notes that stick
to the music whispered hence
and since when do we grab all the free matches
from the sugar bowel
thirteen years after our last smoke?
Rope shadows give me Attica pause
in narrow passage suitless
in the hallway , expecting a sock in the drawer
or a Navy Blue wrist watch timeless as a temperature
scorching the browned grass
for the days left before
an exit appears in the gambling hall,
it's time for rewrite, a retrofit,
a glove that fits like a hat
on the coldest region of famiiar flesh,
I know what I said last year
while wearing shirt sleeves in January shelters,
I am cold NOW
and my feet ache like the dogs the are.

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