Thursday, September 3, 2009


A shot full of grace
Blesses the side a barn
With a rock salt baptism
That’s just a slip of the tires
On loose, slimy gravel
By the time that
No matter how far we got from the city
To set up our amps
For 2000 of our friends,
A police helicopter will always
hover the gathered yearning
during the guitar solo
that I learned
from Robin Trower's second album,
after the singer
stepped away from the mike
and every note is the
last thing the coolest cat heard
that night as the sun rose
or this helicopter blared through
a PA that
there are free meals and
no consequences waiting
if everyone just leaves
right now,
but they are wandering
in and around the barn
making fun of the animals
and ignoring my solo, shit man,
even a wah-wah pedal couldn't
get them to listen.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:46 AM PDT

    I really dig the ending, especially how the wah-wah hearkens, for me, back to the noise a heli-copter makes.

    On a side note: I always thought mike was spelled mic, since it was short for microphone, but I looked it up and mike is a word.


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