Monday, September 5, 2005

radio waves

song is always
the saddest
when it reaches the
high note
on a chord
that is torture to try for,
bones ache
and the voice breaks,
the world shatters again
on the half hour
just before some smoky,
faceless voice
reads off the call letters
that lead up
to news at the top
and half past the hour,

it's a headline that
everyone knows
yet no one reads aloud,

"hearts broken at midnight",

"another boyfriend screams
at passing cars"

"girlfriends sob into sweaters
that defies weather on weeknights"

all the news as the
drums gallop forward
guitar solo cuts
through a room of
subdued colors
and rattles its separate notes
like jar full of bees
who can't wait 'til
they break free,

it's a song with s name
that has a buzz
no amount of drink
or smoke can whisk away
as if it were a stain
that would fade away
as the song fades out
on the endless
lapping choruses
on the rocks of
all expectation,

number one with a bullet
that makes each heart
that bleed into
every river of tears.

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